Who are we ?

What is Mumble ?

Mumble is asking me about a certificate, what is it ?

I don't understand anything, please help me!

What is a slot ?

I'm connected with my account SuperUser but I cannot talk? Why?

Since version 1.2.0, I cannot find the ability to edit groups and ACLs

Since 1.2.0, you must first go to "Configure" -> "Settings" and check the box "Advanced" in the lower left. This brings more configuration options.

Press ok, then right click on a channel -> Edit (while logged in SuperUser).

You have 2 new tabs on the screen to edit groups and ACLs.

How do I connect to my Mumble Server?

Adding and Removing Mumble channels.

Setting up a Mumble user as a server administrator.

Removing a registerd user from your Mumble Server.

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