Who are we ?

What is Mumble ?

Mumble is asking me about a certificate, what is it ?

I don't understand anything, please help me!

What is a slot ?

I'm connected with my account SuperUser but I cannot talk? Why?

Since version 1.2.0, I cannot find the ability to edit groups and ACLs

How do I connect to my Mumble Server?

Adding and Removing Mumble channels.

Connect to your Mumble server as an Admin.

To connect as an admin you can log in to your server as "SuperUser" or an account with Admin Privileges.

Related Tutorials: Connecting as "SuperUser", Creating a Server Administrator.

Step 1 - Adding a channel

To add a channel in your Mumble server you must right click on a current channel and click "Add"

Step 2 - Channel Properties

Enter the name of the channel and click OK.

Congratulations! You have added a channel to your Mumble Server.

Step 3 -Removing your new channel

Right click on the channel you want to remove and select "Remove".

Confirm your channel removal

Click "Yes" to confirm your channel removal.

Congratulations! You have removed your new channel.

Setting up a Mumble user as a server administrator.

Removing a registerd user from your Mumble Server.

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